TUC UnionReps badge 2008

TUC Union Reps badge
TUC Union Reps badge

The TUC has produced a badge for trade union reps who sign up for its new UnionReps website.

The badge was produced in spring 2008 with a limited run, and is currently available only to union activists who sign up to the online community site and request it, although a few have been handed out at TUC fringe meetings.

The badge is not currently available through the TUC shop.

The UnionReps site is built by reps and for reps, with lots of people putting in some serious effort to help out their fellow reps (and get helped in return). The network is very active, but it still only has maybe 5% or 6% of the reps who are out there. The badge aims to give reps a thank you for all the hard work they put into the site, letting them identify themselves as online reps if they want, and helping to advertise membership of the network to other reps.

The UnionReps badge is 30mm x 20mm, chrome/orange, with the TUC logo and the text “UNIONREPS.ORG.UK” on the front, and the name of the manufacturer, Badges Plus, on the reverse.

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