TUC 1926 general strike newspaper

The British Worker - TUC general strike newspaper 1926. 

The British Worker - TUC general strike newspaper 1926.

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This rather sad memento of the 1926 general strike is the 13 May edition of The British Worker, announcing the TUC General Council’s decision to end the strike and organise a return to work. Despite its upbeat tone, the strike had ended in defeat for the miners and disaster for the trade union movement.

The British Worker was launched by the TUC at the beginning of the strike and printed on the presses of the Daily Herald. This particular paper was the eighth in the run. There would in total be 11 before publication ceased on 17 May 1926, with circulation peaking at half a million.

Further examples of the paper can be seen on the Union Makes Us Strong trade union history website.

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