Trade union badge collectors of the world unite

The UnionBook website.

The UnionBook website.

A new social networking site for trade unionists worldwide has been lanched.

UnionBook shares some features with the likes of FaceBook and MySpace, but unlike them is run by and for union members.

It also doesn’t carry advertising, and promises to respect your privacy at all times when you sign up. But, of course, unlike them it unfortunately doesn’t have quite the same resources.

One feature of the site is a group set up by Canadian trade unionist Derek Blackadder dedicated to “lapel pin/badge collectors and traders”. Derek is currently offering to trade a range of Canadian public service union badges through the group.

You need to register and then log in to see much of the content, including the badge collectors group. But that should not be a barrier.

Click to go to the UnionBook Registration Page or to see the UnionBook Home Page.