Constitution of the Trade Union Badge Collectors Society – 2008

1. The Society shall be known as the Trade Union Badge Collectors Society.

2. The aims of the Society shall be:
a) To promote a wider appreciation of trade union badges and ephemera
b) To promote a friendly environment for sharing and disseminating information on the subjects of collecting and researching various types of trade union badges and ephemera
c) To provide a contact network by which members can readily swap or fairly buy and sell trade union badges and ephemera
d) To publish a newsletter and magazine, and any other publications necessary to promote the Society
e) To arrange meetings/conferences of members.

3. Membership is open to all those individuals and institutions with an interest in trade union badges and ephemera who pay the membership subscription.

The Society’s principal officer shall be the Secretary.
a) The secretary shall also act as Treasurer and Editor for the Society.
b) The post of Secretary may be split into Secretary, Treasurer and Editor respectively if agreed by the membership.
c) The Secretary shall be appointed from amongst the Society’s membership. Where more than one member wants to apply for the post of Secretary, a postal ballot of the membership will be held.

Changes to constitution
5. All changes to this constitution shall be agreed by a simple majority of members voting in a postal ballot.

6. Subscriptions to the Society shall be £10 per annum and run from January to December.
a) Free copies of the Society’s publications may be provided to interested institutions at the discretion of the Secretary.

7. The Secretary shall open and maintain a bank account in the name of the Society.
a) The Society shall appoint an auditor for its accounts.
b) The Secretary shall publish the end of year accounts in the members’ newsletter.

The Society in its publications will voluntarily follow the National Union of Journalists’ code of conduct.

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